Freelance Design Kickoff + Design Proposal + Design Contract

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  • 3 Templates (Design Kickoff, Design Proposal, Design Contract)
  • Designed in Figma
  • Includes .fig Template File
  • Easy to change fonts and colour palette
  • Free fonts - links to download
  • Lifetime updates


  • Figma


The template uses free fonts available on, links to the fonts are included inside the Figma file.


This document is meant for general information and educational purposes, and it does not provide legal advice in any form. It is a real-life example of what I personally send to clients, tailored to my specific business needs.

The templates provide a structure and design layout that you can adapt to your own contract details. Please make the necessary modifications to align it with your specific business requirements. It serves as an illustrative example of a design contract but does not constitute legal advice. I am not liable for any legal consequences that may result from using this template as a framework.

By purchasing this template, you acknowledge that it is only a framework example and not legal advice. You also understand that I am not responsible for any legal actions that may arise from using this document, and I recommend seeking assistance from a qualified attorney. Use this template at your own discretion and consult a suitable legal representative because every business is unique and requires personalized and professional legal guidance. Additionally, ensure that this contract complies with your local and international laws, as regulations may vary by country. I am not responsible for any adjustments or modifications required for individual purchasers of this template.

Furthermore, I cannot be held responsible for any damages, losses, or legal claims resulting from the use of my materials or their provision. You accept all of these terms when you purchase and use this document.

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Figma file with 3 documents (Kickoff questions, Project proposal, Client Contract)

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Freelance Design Kickoff + Design Proposal + Design Contract

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